Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Begins March 20 at 12:32 pm CDT!

The March Equinox Explained
Spring will officially begin at 12:32 pm, Saturday March 20. This website explains it all, and a lot more about calendars, dates, and time. Check it out!

Astronauts Return from Space Station -- Space Station Astronauts Make Frigid Landing in Soyuz Spacecraft
Two astronauts, an American and a Russian, returned to Earth in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. They landed in deep snow in Russia in high winds. There are three astronauts left in the space station now. Three more will join them in April.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Night Sky, March 12-20 - This Week's Sky at a Glance
Watch for Venus, the bright "star" in the west, just after sunset.
March 20, the moon will be right next to the Pleiades.
March 20: Spring begins at the Spring Equinox, 12:32 Central Daylight Time.

What the Appendix Is Good For

FOR KIDS: What The Appendix Is Good For - Science News
The appendix is a small organ that's connected to the large intestine. Lots of people have it removed when it gets infected, and never miss it. So what's it there for? Here's an answer.

Mars Express Photographed Mars' Largest Moon, Phobos - Closest Ever View of Martian Moon - Slide 1 of 18

Phobos is Mars' largest moon. Mars' moons are quite different from Earth's. They're much smaller, and not quite as round. They've been described as looking like a potato! Check out the photos in this slide show.